Asbestos Services


Asbestos management plans

A complex operation that needn’t be stressful.

Organisations with known or suspected asbestos in their premises are legally required to prepare an asbestos management plan. This can be a complex issue, and will often require the input of specialist assistance. Our qualified and experienced consultants can independently audit your existing system or develop one from scratch that will assist you control risks and meet the scrutiny of the regulators.

Asbestos remediation management

Auditing management and monitoring.

Asbestos removal is an expensive and potentially hazardous operation. Appointing DMW to audit and manage your asbestos removal operations will ensure that your projects are completed safely and on budget.

Our asbestos management service includes:

  • Initial specification
  • Site auditing
  • Air monitoring
  • Re-occupation testing
  • Update of your asbestos register following completion

Asbestos re-inspections

Monitoring the risks, assessing any damage.

Over time and with use of a building, asbestos materials can degrade or suffer damage, dramatically increasing the risk posed. For this reason, it is a
legal requirement for asbestos materials to be re-inspected and the condition monitored on a regular basis.

Asbestos removal project management

Due to the specialist nature and rigorous standards required by the HSE and Local Enforcement Authorities, clients risk civil and/or criminal action unless asbestos removal projects are managed in a competent manner. In addition, clients administrating their own asbestos removal contracts face high asbestos removal costs unless they are sufficiently experienced and competent to act in this capacity.

DMW have an experienced asbestos removal project management team, which will work with an asbestos removal contractor to meet your needs.

This service includes:

  • Tender arrangements, contractor selection via competency assessment and cost feasibility study to ascertain the optimum candidate for the contract.
  • Preparation of specifications and contract documents (tailored to protect the client from financial and enforcement action risks).
  • Site meeting arrangement, chairing and minutes submission to ensure communication between all parties and avoid problems from the outset
  • Management and auditing in order to ensure that asbestos is dealt with efficiently, safely and economically