Asbestos Services

Emergency Response Testing

Emergency site asbestos testing

Analytical response unit – when you need fast answers.

Whichever industry you are in, there may be a time when you need a quick response to an asbestos issue. Our mobile labs can respond to calls across the UK. We are one of the very few organisations able to carry out bulk sample analysis on site. At the same time, our consultants are also able to carry out reassurance air testing and even provide expert advice on how to manage the incident.

Air monitoring and re-occupation testing

Breathe easy.

If you have concerns about potential airborne asbestos contamination or are having asbestos removed, we can assist. Our services include:

  • Reassurance air testing
  • Personal exposure testing
  • Leak air monitoring
  • Re-occupation testing

We also provide prompt and expert services to the licensed asbestos industry anywhere in the UK.

  • emergency-site-asbestos-testing

    Emergency site asbestos testing.

  • air-monitoring-reoccupation-testing

    Air monitoring and re-occupation testing.

  • asbestos-emergency-response-24hr-callout

    DMW 24 hour emergency response unit