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Wayne jumps for charity

After 2 failed attempts due to the weather IATP director, Wayne Williams finally took to the skies to complete his jump on Friday 14th November.  The IATP’s sponsored skydive was in honour of Action Mesothelioma Day, which was on Friday 4th July 2014.

The jump raised a grand total of £1,195.00, which will be going to this year’s chosen charity, Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru.


A.A.S.C provides networking opportunities throughout Wales to help provide support to victims of asbestos related diseases and their families. This includes guiding victims of asbestos diseases and their families to the help they need with health & social care, linking them with legal professionals in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors to ensure that they are aware of the best assistance available to them within Wales.

Thank you to all of those who sponsored Wayne on his skydive, without their support we would not have been able to raise such a large amount for AASC.

The independent members of the disputes panel (selected on 6th February) will be invited to agree their terms and conditions so that the first panel can be in place by the end of March if needed.


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