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Custom built, online Health & Safety training systems from DMW.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for all of your employees is paramount and DMW can help you to achieve this. It is essential that everyone has a basic understanding of Health & Safety and company procedures. Failure to meet health, safety and environmental (HS&E) compliance can result in death, injury, ill-health and prosecutions.

How does and online training system work?

The online training manual runs from DMW’s own secure dedicated server and is accessed by a users loging on using any PC or Macintosh with internet access and a standard web browser. The training manual it’s self covers all of the major HS&E categories, that are relevant to your business/industry, giving the user advice and information on the correct procedures to adopt in any given senario. This information and supporting imagery can be customised to suit both your companies working practices and designed to reflect your corporate brand, so employees feel ‘at home’ when they are learning your HS&E information.

Each employee, once they feel they have gained a full understanding of the Health & Safety procedures, will take a simple ‘HS&E Knowledge Check’ and successful candidates will gain a certificate for its completion. These certificates are emailed to your chosen moderator and all results are held in a database for future reference. These results can be monitored by administration level users on a Statistics page.

DMW online HS&E training manual will…;

• Help to ensure your health and safety at work
• Ensure that risks to customers and visitors are controlled
• Help to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities
• Help ensure the company complies with its legal obligations

Completing a training session will usually require approximately one hour. And you don’t have to be an Health & Safety expert to complete the training – you can take the ‘HS&E Knowledge Check’ again if required! The aim being that all staff have the means to view Health & Safety information in a simple and relaxed manner, even in their own time if preferred, and in a way that conveniently supports your current induction training – ultimately to ensure that you comply with your legal obligations.

Require a different system for Retail or Corporate?

This is not a problem! Whether you employ in retail, corporate or private sectors, the DMW online HS&E training manual can be built to cater for any number of different training types, including multiple users, if required.

Preview of custom branded online Health & Safety Training Manual for Three mobile below;

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