Training Services

Training services

Training services

Practical learning

All training is carried out by our highly experienced and qualified staff. Our trainers remain practitioners in the field and enliven training sessions with real-life case studies and examples of practical asbestos management.

Asbestos awareness training

Prevention is the best cure

With over 4000 people dying every year due to asbestos diseases, the need for training is ever-more critical. The law requires any person who works on or supervises those who work on the fabric of buildings which could contain asbestos to be appropriately trained. This applies to a multitude of trades including electricians, plasterers, plumbers, carpenters, decorators and demolition works.

Asbestos remediation training


Training for those who wish to carry out nonlicensable asbestos tasks such as low-disturbance work with bonded asbestos products such as cement and floor tiles.

Licensed Asbestos Training

We carry our training for operatives, supervisors
and managers both ‘new’ and ‘refresher ‘courses.

British occupational hygiene modules

Modules include:

  • P401 (Bulk Sample Analysis)
  • P402 (Surveying and Sampling for Asbestos)
  • P403 (Asbestos Fibre Counting)
  • P404 (Air Sampling and Clearance)
  • P405 (Management of Asbestos)

We offer significant fee reductions for groups and can travel to the venue of your choice to deliver the training.

Business training services

A wealth of expertise

Some of the business-related training courses we deliver include:

  • Presentation and public speaking
  • Team building and motivation
  • SWOT and PEST analysis in marketing strategy
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Managing change
  • Advanced negation skill development
  • Personal effectiveness and time management