Water Hygiene

Water hygiene and legionella

Water hygiene and legionella

DMW are experts in the field of testing and management of legionella. Any organisation with hot/cold water systems, cooling towers and evaporative condensers are legally required to assess and control the risk of legionnaires disease being contracted by employees and third parties.

About Legionnaires disease

This disease is a form of pneumonia caused by the inhalation of water droplets contaminated with bacteria belonging to the legionellaceae family. There are around 250 confirmed cases of the disease in the UK with many more instances likely to go undiagnosed. These bacteria are present naturally in rivers, streams and ponds. However they can proliferate to dangerous levels in man-made environments, especially in water systems containing sludge and scale where the temperature is between 20-40°C.

Legionella Risk Management –
What the Law Requires (HSE ACoP L8)

  • Identification and assessment of risk
  • Control of identified risks.
  • Preparation of a legionella control plan.
  • Competent appointed persons
  • Record keeping for cleaning, maintenance and disinfection.

Risk Assessments

Our trained assessors and microbiologists are able to provide comprehensive reports which include assessment of system design, usage and condition factors that affect the risk of legionella proliferation. Reports are inclusive of:

  • Executive summary of action required.
  • Detailed description of inspected systems.
  • Marked up schematics.
  • Detailed recommendation for action.
  • Recommended inspection frequencies.
  • Temperature monitoring and water sampling results.

Remediation Services

  • Tank cleaning.
  • Chlorination and system dosing
  • Chlorine Dioxide automated dosing systems.

Web-based log book system

This system offers total peace of mind in that it allows the capture, storage and updating of any data obtained in the field. The system is completely paperless, traceable and will prompt the user in the event of any required tasks with the legionella control system.

Consultancy and training services

DMW offer a legionella risk management package including professional advice regarding the development of legionella control strategies and bespoke training for all levels including managers and appointed persons.

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    Legionella bacteria are present naturally in rivers, streams and ponds and can proliferate to dangerous levels in man-made environments.

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    DMW offer a range of legionella and water hygiene risk assessment and remediation services.

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    Total peace of mind with DMW's web-based log book system.